Wasting time on lame leads?
Stop tolerating it.

Time is money. The less time you spend calling lame leads that rarely answer or are pissed off when they finally do, the more time you’ll have to make money.

There are only two kinds of people who won’t use SalesHammer.

1. People who don’t understand
2. Complete idiots


So, either hit us up to better understand or allow me to apologize for suggesting that you're stupid.

Become the best Closer on Earth

Sometimes… it’s not the leads that suck, it’s the salesperson. SalesHammer can’t allow that. SalesHammer includes access to the best sales training and coaching on Earth. If you’re wanting to polish your skills a little or want to learn everything you need to know to make 6-7 figures a year, then let’s get going. Learn how to sell, close, influence and persuade just about anybody on anything just by getting SalesHammer leads. What good are great leads if you give them people who can’t CLOSE? Pick up a SalesHammer and build a team of bad-asses!


If you want to expand your horizons and constantly learn new things, we have created the SKILLSHOP for you. Imagine a complete personal development library that can develop your skills and fully train you on just about anything! Check out the SkillShop and see how many things you can learn from and earn from.

Whether it is lowering liability or increasing productivity, the SKILLSHOP has it. Find everyone from Grant Cardone to Joey Carbone. From Tony Robbins to Michael Dobbins and everyone in between.

Private Community

Who you hang with matters. Thats why we built in a private community filled with subject matter experts and people just like you that can ask questions, get answers, share stories and compare best practices to stay up to the minute on the latest and greatest trends and techniques that are working best TODAY. Don’t get stuck in an old antiquated model or miss out on the most current information. Jump in the conversation and see how you stack up with the industry's best!

Fully Compliant Leads

It’s obvious. Reach more people, make more money. But, what if those leads are bogus? What if they are on the no call list?

Our leads are fully compliant and have been certified to be “kick-ass” and eager to buy.

Stop worrying about getting fined or shut down for unknowingly calling on Karen’s.

The Best Tools

The most important thing when building anything or creating anything is to make sure you have the right tools. Would you want to build a birdhouse with a butter knife? If you want to make a lot of money selling, then you need to focus on your tools and become extremely organized and automated. The problem is, there are so many "tools" that we never know which ones are good and which ones are bad. Not anymore. SalesHammer does all the homework and research to bring you the best tools, so you don't need to go hunting for them and waste time. Why spend hours trying to aggregate all the best options when we already have them?

The quickest way to identify an expert is to look at their tools. The best tools allow you to get the job done easier, faster, and better than using the wrong ones....or worse, none at all.

Don't use a butterknife to build a birdhouse.

Pick up a SalesHammer and start building yourself a way better life.


Want to build a successful team or career?

SalesHammer is the only tool you need to create a 6-7 figure income selling. We give you the best leads in the business, train and educate you on exactly how to close more of them, and show you all of the best tools to help you maximize, scale, and stay organized.